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Valmac Crowney Copper Fittings Co., LTD. was founded in 1998. Our main products, elbow 90°, copper fittings cover three big types such as Endfeed, solder ring, copper press fittings with rubber O-Ring and reach 3000 specifications, which strictly meet four standards of EN1254, BS864, ASME B16. 22and AS3688. Our annual capacity is up to 0. 1 billion pieces. we specializing in manufacturing of copper fitting, elbows 90°. During the past years,we aimed to provide best quality products and best service to our customers, and are always in the customers`good graces. Our products, elbow 90° are now being sold to customers all over the world including some Western Europe,the Americas and Southeast Asian countries, and both technology and quality of the products, elbows 90° are in the leading position in the world.

5090 Elbow 90°
elbow 90°

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